"I believe the resourcefulness, tenacity and resilience inherent in our true Malaysian spirit will serve us well in facing this great adversity."

1. Implementing the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Additional Supply For Frontliners
Additional allocation for the provision of supplies including additional reagents and screening kits, as well as PPE equipment especially for healthcare frontliners.

Implementing the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme
The first supply of Covid-19 Vaccine is expected as early as February 2021 and the vaccination program is expected to run in phases for twelve (12) months and will benefit 27 million Malaysians.

2. Strengthening the National Healthcare Sector

Recruiting Additional Healthcare Personnel
Staff addition comprising of assistant medical officers, paramedics, laboratory technicians and nurses. More than 3,500 additional healthcare personnel will begin work at the end of January.

Supporting Frontliners

  • A one-off provision of RM500 to healthcare frontliners and RM300 to other frontliners will be paid in the first quarter of 2021
  • The existing special monthly allowance of RM600 and RM200 to healthcare frontliners and other frontliners will continue until the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

3. Enhancing Cooperation with Private Hospitals

COVID-19 Patients Treatment by Private Hospitals
The use of private hospital capacity for the treatment of COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients to alleviate the strain on the public health system.

4. Stepping up Testing of Employees

Stepping up COVID-19 Screening and SOPs

  • Employers are advised to tighten the SOPs, improve their foreign workers’ accommodation and movement control as well as increase COVID-19 screening.
  • SOCSO will bear the cost of COVID-19 screening for foreign workers in the red zones.
  • Individual tax relief grants of up to RM1,000 for health check-ups now covers screening costs.

5. Accelerating the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat Assistance

Direct Aid Brought Forward

  • Bantuan Prihatin Nasional 2.0 will be brought forward from 21 January 2021 onwards
  • Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) Phase 1 involves RM300 payment for households earning up to RM5,000 per month and RM150 payment for those under single category earning up to RM2,000 per month.
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6. Strengthening Welfare Programmes

Strengthening Welfare Programmes
The increase in the monthly welfare assistance rate under the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) is effective from January 2021.

Food Basket Program
Food basket program that includes essential food items worth RM100 for each eligible household.

GLC/GLIC Disaster Relief Network
GLC / GLIC Disaster Relief Network program as a matching grant for community assistance and social initiatives.

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Tax Relief For Aid Contributions
Tax deduction incentives offered to donors who donate cash or goods as well as help people affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

7. Continuing the Moratorium and Loan Instalment Reduction

Moratorium Extension & Loan Repayment Asssitance
Moratoriums, including extended moratoriums, and reduction of loan installments will be offered by banks for affected individuals.

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8. Enhancing the EPF i-Sinar Program

KWSP i-Sinar
A RM1,000 advance payment for i-Sinar Category 2 application, commencing from 26 January, via online self-declaration.
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9. Extending the Special Tax Relief on the Purchase of Mobile

Special Tax Relief
Extension of special tax relief of up to RM2,500 for the purchase of mobile phones, computers, tablets until 31 December 2021.

10. Extending the Provision of Free Internet Access

Extending the Provision of Free Internet Access
Provision of 1 GB of free data is extended until 30 April 2021.

Special Telco Package
A special telco package for SPM/STPM candidates is extended to students in higher learning institutions, until end of April 2021.

11. Extending the sales tax exemption on passenger vehicles

Sales Tax Relief For CKD/CBU Passenger Vehicles
Sales tax exemption for locally assembled and imported passenger vehicles is extended until 30 June 2021.

12. Extending the Moratorium Period for PTPTN Borrowers

Education Loan Moratorium & Repayment Assistance
Education Loan Moratorium & Repayment Assistance for PTPTN borrowers that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and/or floods, until 31 March 2021.

13. Improving the Wage Subsidy Program

Wage Subsidy Programme 3.0
Wage Subsidy Program 3.0 application is extended to all employers operating in the MCO states, irrespective of sector. The wage subsidy limit of 200 employees for each employer will be increased to 500 employees. Each employee earning less than RM4,000 will receive an RM600 wage subsidy under the Program.

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Prihatin Employee Insurance System
Relaxation of application terms and conditions for the PRIHATIN Employee Insurance System (SIP PRIHATIN). Workers that do not fulfil the minimum contribution amount, or whose contracts were not extended after renewing them at least 3 times, are now allowed to apply for SIP PRIHATIN financial assistance. This will be up to 30% of the monthly salary for 3 months.

SOCSO Self-Employment Social Security Scheme
Full contribution for delivery riders under SOCSO's Self-Employment Social Security Scheme.

14. Continuing the Prihatin Special Grant

Permai Special Prihatin Grant
Permai Special Prihatin Grant for SMEs in MCO states, with a payment of RM1,000 each. SMEs in other states will receive RM500 each.

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15. Providing One-Off Financial Assistance to Taxi and Bus

RM500 One-Off Assistance for E-Hailing, Taxi and Bus Drivers
RM500 one-off financial assistance for tour guides, taxi drivers, school bus and tour bus drivers, rental car and e-hailing drivers.

Taxi Sales Tax and Excise Duty Exemption
A reduction of the ownership requirement reduced from 7 years to 5 years for Taxi Sales Tax and Excise Duty Exemption, for transfer of ownership, disposal and personal utilisation of taxis.

16. Accelerating the Implementation of Microcredit Schemes

Microcredit Scheme
Expediting the execution of microcredit schemes, including soft loans by BSN (RM390 mil), Agrobank (RM350 mil) and TEKUN (RM295 mil).

17. Supporting and Boosting Online Businesses

SME e-Commerce Campaign & Shop Malaysia Online
Expediting the execution of SME and Micro SME e-Commerce Campaign & Shop Malaysia Online. Through this campaign, micro-entrepreneurs will receive business coaching and on-boarding onto e-commerce platforms while buyers will enjoy savings through online shopping.

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SME and Micro SME e-Commerce Campaign

18. Enhancing the Danajamin PRIHATIN Guarantee Scheme

Enhancement of Prihatin Danajamin Guarantee Scheme
Enhancement of the PRIHATIN DanaJamin Guarantee Scheme (SJPD) by:

  • Increasing maximum loan amounts from RM500 million to RM1 billion
  • Expanding the funding scope to capital expenditure with a guarantee period uptil 10 years; and
  • Allowing foreign companies operating in Malaysia to be eligible for SJPD with the condition that at least 75% of their total workforce are local

19. Rescheduling and Extending the Moratorium Period for MARA Loans and MARA Premises Rental

MARA Business Financing Payment Rescheduling
The continuation of MARA PRIHATIN Peace of Mind 2.0, where borrowers can apply to reschedule their MARA education loan repayments or their loan moratorium uptil 31 March 2021. MARA entrepreneurs that have been affected by the COVID-19 MCO and floods are eligible for this program. In addition, a 30% discount on MARA business premise rental will be available uptil April 2021.

Special Tax Relief
The special tax relief for business premise rentals of at least 30% has been expanded to include both SMEs and non-SMEs, until 30 June 2021.

HRDF Employer Levy Exemption
HRDF Employer Levi Exemption for companies not operating during MCO and CMCO

20. Continuing Electricity Bill Discounts

Electricity Bill Support
A 10% discount until March 2021 for 6 affected sectors, which are hotel operators, theme parks, convention centres, shopping malls, domestic flight company offices, and tour agencies. In addition, up to a 9% bill reduction from January until June 2021 will be applied for all users.

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21. Introducing a Bus and Taxi Hire Purchase Rehabilitation Scheme

Bus and Taxi Hire Purchase Rehabilitation Scheme
Under the Bus and Taxi Hire Purchase Rehabilitation Scheme, a 50% loan guarantee will be applied for loans on certain buses, such as tour buses and taxis from purchase and lease companies. With this, bus operators and taxis can restructure their loans, and enjoy a 12 month moratorium, as well as lower monthly repayments.

22. Extending the Temporary Measures for Reducing the Impact of COVID-19 Act 2020

Effective Period of Inability to Perform Contractual Obligations
The effective period of inability to perform contractual obligations is extended to 31 March 2021. This will cover hire purchase/lease contracts, as well as credit sales contracts.